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From General Manager

Engaged in cultured pearl business for more than 30 years, I have been experiencing the ups and downs in pearl industry. At the beginning of the pearl business, comparing to gold price, pearl was more precious and expensive. The prolonged global recession and difficult economic situation no longer make the pearl business easy to maintain.
Tai Woo Group, since it’s founding in 1986, with my unyielding commitment and ambition, accumulation of hard-working, combined with establishment of our advance management team and strong leadership, the Tai Woo Group has achieved impressive milestones. With a workforce of over 1,000 skilled craftsmen and technicians at our Mainland China factory complex and over 100 employees in Hong Kong headquarter, Tai Woo has built a great reputation with largest scale of manufacturer and export cultured freshwater jewelry worldwide. With the help of advance and modern machineries, like CNC wire-cut machines for R & D and production, we extend also our pearl jewelry to watch industry.
Tai Woo has conducted business in conformance with its management philosophy. We sincerely strive to enhance customer satisfaction and this is achieved by maintaining a customer-oriented approach along with quality products. We are proud to be one of the most reputable companies in pearl business today.
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Tai Woo Group’s management focus on three main objectives: “promotion of growth,” “reinforcement of structure” and “assurance of quality”. Facing the prolonged global recession, we are determined to take on the challenge of transforming our business strategies, developing innovative products and services.
We will ensure the implementation of our philosophy consistently preserved, and will remain central to all our corporate activities in all aspects. I am certain, and believe by creating value to our business partners, we create success for ourselves.
In the next decade, we want to become the leader in the industry, pursuing the goal of perfection in top quality products and value added service. We are committed to be your reliable partner to count on.
Finally, Tai Woo Group is looking forward to receiving your continuous business, having your acquaintance and be your trustworthy vendor.


Yours sincerely,
Sze Chuk
General Manager
Tai Woo Group

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