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Inspiration of Children's Jewelry
Pearls, symbol of magnificence and elegance, which make female more mature and charming; while the everlasting magic power also fascinates little girls. How to enable the pearls shine on children? How to design the jewelry filled with favourable elements for kids? Our inspiration stems from a real but trivial thing.
One day, the granddaughter of Mr. Sze came to the Design Department of our company. This little girl was just five years old, very lively and lovely. Dazzled by numerous types of pearls, she asked grandfather questions excitedly and curiously. Not satisfied with this, she begged her grandpa to make a pearl necklace for her. Mr. Sze promised her. Through careful selection of 4-5mm potato freshwater pearls, coupled with a heart-shaped pendant, he make a chic necklace and gave it to his small granddaughter. Wearing on her neck, the milk-white pearl necklace made her delicate skin rosier and tenderer, like a noble princess.
This little girl was too happy to take this necklace down even when she slept at night. At daytime, a lot of kids are around her, fighting to get a view, borrowing and wearing on their own necks. They returned home, pestering their mothers to buy such a gift for them. Their parents are surprised with this, because they never saw their children so addicted. At Christmas party of last year, mothers had a chance to take a look at this "miraculous" necklace. The brand-new feeling differing from that of adults made them so impressive that they bought themselves sets of mother-child pearl necklace, and worn them simultaneously with their girls. This pride and happiness is overwhelming when they appear in public, so they are willing to discuss, communicate, even promote to other mothers. What an amazing power of pearls!
This true story inspired us to design more suitable pearl jewelry for our children. Not only tranquilize nerve, help sleep and reduce fatigue, pearls also make the skin exceptionally smooth and delicate. Wearing pearls, children will be more happy and cute.  




"Developing new products in unique and fresh designs with competitive price is our main role. We not only upgrade and improve the quality product, but also provide the professional technical support for mass production.

We believe there is no limit in creativity. Simplicity and elegance are our principles. With awareness of the latest fashion trends and combination of worldwide different cultures, we create our own designs with unique concept and style to cater for our customers’ needs. We are professionals in jewelry and watch design involving different materials of PEARL, DIAMOND, GEMSTONE and MOP.
We design with the latest technology. Making use of the modern facilities including the advanced CAD, we project our sharp ideas into actual product for samples and mass production in an efficient way. We make design practicable and remarkable."


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