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Strong sourcing network
Taiwoo group has extensive sourcing network and good connection with the material suppliers in the USA, Italy, Japan and mainland China, capturing the latest fashion trends, contemporary designs and updated market information over the world.

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Cost and quality control
We aim at sourcing the best quality materials and findings at the most competitive price, with on time delivery. Besides precious metals of carat gold and 925 sterling silver, we source for quality findings and parts involving stainless steel, brass and alloy, complying with the import regulations and safety standards of the USA and the EU countries. Apart from diamond, citrine, peridot and many of the others as our major purchase, we also attempt to purchase different kinds of assorted stones for enriching the features of our jewelry and timepiece products.
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With increasing demands in infinite product varieties and combinations, we are confident in our professional service, reliable back-up support and fast-moving reaction to meet different market needs and create success to our customers.

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